T.A.M Grouting

TAM grouting method which uses Tube-A-Manchette pipe and single-packer is carried out by combining controlled compensation grouting and Permeation grouting. TAM pipe is usually perforated at intervals of 0.3-1m and is used with an inner grouting pipe containing one packer elements. TAM pipes installed in the ground will allow grouting to be carried out individually and repeatedly. It provides precise control and flexibility which are needed in the process of  controlling settlement of buildings, roads and tunnels.tam grout

A Manchette tube is a PVC or metal pipe in which rubber sleeves cover holes that are drilled in the pipe at specific intervals. The tubes are inserted into holes that have been bored into the “work area” (soil, rock, concrete, etc.) known as the “grout zone”. Grout is pumped to a packer that has been slid into the tube. Seals on the packer force the grout through the holes in the tube, past the flexible rubber sleeve, and into the grout zone to help stabilize and/or seal it.

And similar to the Rock Fissure Grouting technique, there are also several considerations that need to be considered in the design of a grouting scheme based on this impregnation grouting mechanism.



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